1 SusTan

Chief Operations Officer

The first child I knowingly met on the spectrum was non-vocal and after spending time to get to know him and finding the best way to help him, the two of us began progressing together and he began to speak. The day his mom walked into the classroom and saw him talking to me, she collapsed into tears of joy. I realized then I wanted to do whatever I can to help create these moments for the rest of my life. This company is special because we’re all here to support one another and do our best to understand one another. There is no problem without a solution, and the solution can be found together. I spend my time outside of work being a D&D nerd and a terrible, but enthusiastic, trail sprinter. I am completely obsessed with bats and bears, and choose to believe the coffee maker is full of elves who create caffeine drink in exchange for the beans I give them.